How Store Kit Framework Can Be Used For iPhone Development?

Are you an iPhone developer interested in selling items through your free or paid iPhone apps? You can do so with the help of In-App Purchase that lets you embed a store within your iPhone application using the Store Kit framework. This framework connects to the App Store on your app’s behalf to securely process payments from users, prompting them to authorize the payment. The framework then notifies your app, which provides the purchased items to users. Use In-App Purchase to collect payment for additional features and content.

Store Kit is one of the latest frameworks in the 3.0 firmware. It’s a set of APIs that interacts with Apple’s servers, so that users can carry out financial transactions though their Apple ID. For example, it can be used by the developers to build a magazine application with subscription – where users will be asked to make payment on monthly or yearly basis. Also, the Store Kit Framework can be used to embed additional levels to make the game experience more exciting for the users; however that again requires paying a cost.

Let us now explore some procedures that iPhone developers could perform in this framework as follows:

1. Creating “In-App Purchase” in the iTunes Connect Portal

The iTunes Connect Portal is the one where the apps are submitted and managed for sale. And so, you will have to visit the “iTunes Connect Portal” to submit your application. After reaching the portal click on the “Manager User” option. Next, select the “In App Purchase Test User” choice subsequently add a recent user.

2. Creating the App ID and Activating In-App Purchase

As we all know, for publishing any app in the Apple app store, you will have to first register in it. In the second step you will have to create an app ID and will have to activate the “in-App purchase” option. For doing so, log onto the “Developer Program Portal” and then select an ID for your application.

3. Creating a new App and Getting it Registered

In this step, you will be building an iPhone application at the iTunes Connect. For this purpose, you will need to visit the iTunes Connect Portal again, and then choose the “manage your applications” option. In the same window, on the left at the extreme top there will be an “add new application” icon, simply click that icon and then you will be required to perform certain functions at some steps. For instance, on the pricing step, select any payment application. Once your app has been built, you can view it at the “Manage your applications”. And in order to install In-app purchase, just click on the icon “Manage in-app purchase”.

4. Developing the store in the App.

Lastly, you would need to use the store kit. For this purpose, you will first need to outsource your store model. This will rely on the number of items are displayed by your store, and the frequency at which you continue adding new items.